Brand and Identity

A strong brand is a competitive asset and great way to distinguish yourself from competitors. All great companies have a strong brand foundation. It becomes your personality. Anyone can be influenced by this personality, even within a company.

What is brand? Brand is simply the collected experiences perceived in the eyes, ears and heart of the user. The experiences grow and expand as the user engages further with your company. Think of it like a story. A brand can have characters, plot, tension, climax, etc. Both good and bad experiences affect the overall perception of your brand.

ie. Apple, CNET, Nestlé, Dodge, America...

Apple's website branding Cnet's website branding Dodge's website branding Nestle's website branding
Experiences and Touchpoints

Fused with the brand are the user experiences in which a user interacts with your company. These experiences become pivotal points in which you create a positive experience and affect a user's decision about come back.

Your experiences should be sticky - Made to Stick

Made to Stick is a book that explains what makes an idea or concept memorable or interesting.

Be SUCCESs-ful:

Be Simple. Find your core idea and stick to it. Know why you do what you do.

Be Unexpected. Grab your user's attention and surprise them.

Be Concrete and concise. Make sure users understand your content and can remember it for later.

Be a Credible source. Show that users should trust you. Convey emotion. Relate to your users through emotion.

Be Emotional. Make people relate and care deeply.

Tell Stories. Empower users to take action and share your brand.

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