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For this project we rebranded a quinoa health bar. We worked with DMFF, an organization from Ecuador that creates healthy snacks made of quinoa grown locally from the Andean Region.

The bar needed to appeal to an American market and differentiate itself from other brands like Cliff, Luna and Kind. DMFF originally produced quinoa energy bars for the World Food Program in South America. Now they want to begin selling in the U.S. because of boost in quinoa demand.

Our goal for the rebrand was to incorporate the indigenous native Andean Region. We settled on Kimsa which means 3 in their native language and put an interesting spin on it by keeping the Q for Quinoa.

Qimsa Sketches
Qimsa package branding iteration gold Qimsa package branding iteration open Qimsa package branding iteration color Qimsa package branding iteration white Qimsa package branding iteration purple Qimsa package branding iteration full

Qimsa final package branding
Qimsa branding
Camp Hill UMC

Camp Hill United Methodist Church is a place I call home. I've volunteered much of my time there by supporting communication and strategy teams. In my role I've created a new logo, website, and several videos.

The logo was one of my favorite designs because it sparked a revival in the church and incorporated the original United Methodist logo. We were able to please multiple generations and individuals resistant to change.

Camp Hill UMC old versus new brand
Camp Hill UMC website
Camp Hill UMC logo

CompassionPrints is a small business I co-founded with my wife to support service dogs. It has become a passive income. We sell digital prints for target audiences that are looking for simple and economical ways to decorate their homes. Part of the sales are donated to an organization that raises and trains service dogs.

Compassionprints banner
Compassionprints prints
Compassionprints logo