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Automotive Timeline

A large-scale visual poster of the American Automotive Industry.

It measures 6 feet wide and visualizes the industry in 3 different ways. Through a graph, important events and the top car of each decade.

Automotive Timeline poster
What do cars represent to you?

The automotive industry represents what it means to be an American and is a part of the American dream. The car became an industry leader in innovation and influence. It has created trends that have affected our culture and social standards and, ultimately, affects each and everyone of us everyday.

I believe that we can better understand American history by looking at the car industry. That is why I have decided to create a visual narrative timeline of key themes and events that have occurred in the industry and how they have affected America and, even more, the World. Envisioning the future of the automotive industry may be a tough task, but by educating ourselves about its past, we can better illustrate its future.

Line of illustrated cars
Iconic Events

Most important are the events that mold and shape the industry each decade. The specific topics covered are political, environmental, technologocial and industrial events.

Automotive Industry Timeline poster event example
Data Driven Graph

The graphs visualize the rise and fall of infrasturctue, gas prices and car production each year.

Automotive Industry Timeline poster graph example
Car of the Year Renderings

The most iconic car of each decade is illustrated in a high quality rendering. Each is representative of actual size and scale.

Automotive Industry Timeline poster illustrated car example